Yellow Series

Pumps 2000 Yellow Series pneumatic diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified pumps, suitable for general water and slurry conditions, salt water, some low PH acid applications, applications requiring food grade approved materials of construction and more.

The Yellow series has an ATEX M2 rating. The pump housing is made of a nylon blend and the internal elastomers are hytrel. Other materials are available to suit your specific application. Please contact us with your application details so that we may select the right mix of materials for your specific application.

Ball vs Slurry Valve Comparison

High Volume Series

HV100SY – 4” / 100mm High Volume Slurry Valve Yellow Series

See the High Volume 4” Slurry Pump in action.

HV75BY – 3” / 75mm High Volume Ball Valve Yellow Series

See the High Volume 3" Ball Valve Pump in action.

Portable Series

P75BY – 3” / 75mm Ball Valve Yellow Series

P50SY - 2” / 50mm Slurry Valve Yellow Series

P50BY - 2” / 50mm Ball Valve Yellow Series

P40BY – 1.5” / 40mm Ball Valve Yellow Series

P25SY – 1” / 25mm Slurry Valve Yellow Series

P25BY – 1” / 25mm Ball Valve Yellow Series

P15BY - ½” / 15mm Ball Valve Yellow Series

High Head Series

HH50BY - HH 2” / 50mm Double Staged Ball Valve Yellow Series

HH50SY - 2” / 50mm Double Staged Slurry Valve Yellow Series

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1” / 25mm Ball Valve (French) 1” / 25mm Ball Valve (Spanish)